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Scorpion® Trailer Attenuator 10002 Series

   The Scorpion Trailer Attenuator, with its unique curved design, gives full width protection to the back of the host vehicle and protects the "coffin corners" of the truck and is NCHRP 350 tested and approved for all mandatory and optional offset and angled impacts. The Scorpion Trailer requires little or no modification to host vehicle or additional mounting hardware beyond the standard pintle hook and ½" thick × 32" wide steel frame plate. This single point attachment makes the installation of the Scorpion TA quick and easy.

   The Scorpion's proven modular design crushes in progressive states allowing quick and economical replacement of damaged parts. Rear axle placement improves trailer stability and prevents the tail from "bottoming out" on driveways or uneven surfaces. The overall length of the Scorpion TA is only 17' 10", the shortest on the market, and is available in shorter (13') lower speed TL-2 (45 mph) model, which is ideal for congested city streets or where posted speeds are 45 mph or less. The integrated electric brake system comes standard on all Scorpion Trailer Attenuators and are automatically activated in the event of trailer separation or hitch failure. Optional Arrow or Message Boards can easily be attached to the Scorpion Trailer.


  TL-2 TL-3 STD TL-3 Euro
Length  13' (3.96m) 17' 10" (5.44m) 17' 10" (5.44m)
Width  96" (2.44m) 96" (2.44m) 96" (2.44m)
Height  36" (0.91m) 36" (0.91m) 36" (0.91m)
Weight  1,460lbs (662kg) 1,875lbs (850kg) 1,640lbs (744kg)

Telescoping Anti-Rotation System (TARS)

Pre Imact Condition⇒Pre-Impact Condition

  The Scorpion Trailer attaches directly to the pintle hook. It does not require additional installation, or truck modification, beyond standard factory installed pintle hook and ½" steel frame plate.

Post Imact Condition ⇒Post-Impact Condition

  Upon impact, two heavy anti-rotation arms are driven against the frame plate, preventing angular rotation of the Scorpion Trailer during an accident.



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